Миссия журнала: интегрировать результаты научных работ русскоговорящих ученых и богатый педагогический, психологический а также в области физиологии опыт отечественных специалистов в международное научное пространство, быть международной научной площадкой для педагогов, психологов, физиологов и ученых для дискуссии и обмена опытом.

BULLETIN «CONSCIOUSNESS» is an independent publication that is designed to provide healthcare professionals with a constant source of professional information, no matter what corners of our country they are not doing their hard and extremely responsible work.The concept of the Bulletin was supported in December 1999 at the first international conference «Health and education in the XXI century», dedicated to topical issues. It was emphasized that the problem of the lack of specialized literature in the field is particularly acute.
We strive to provide our readers and other professionals with information assistance and support, as well as create conditions for continuous updating and replenishment of their professional knowledge.The Bulletin covers current issues of pedagogy, Psychology and physiology. It reflects the results of scientific research in the implementation of master’s and doctoral theses, as well as other relevant scientific research.
We hope that the Bulletin will become an open platform for discussions and exchange of experience between scientists from different regions and countries, which should ultimately contribute to improving the quality of science and education in our country.
The Bulletin’s website provides open access to Russian and English abstracts of scientific articles and keywords for all scientific articles and reviews published by the journal over the past 5 years. Russian Russian publication of a scientific article requires the presence of keywords and annotations in both Russian and English. When publishing a scientific article in a foreign language, it is mandatory to have keywords and annotations in Russian and foreign languages. In addition, full-text versions of the magazine are also available on the site.
  • The Bulletin is registered in the Centre International de l’issn. 2686-6846
  • The Bulletin is registered in the ROSKOMNADZOR. Certificate of registration EL no. FS 77-76347
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • Bulletin has been published since 1999
  • The impact factor of Russian science citation index (two-year) = 0,327
  • Bulletin is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, which should publish the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of science.
  • Information about the Bulletin is published annually in the international reference system and international databases for periodic and continuing publications «Ulrich’s Periodicals directory» in order to inform the world scientific community.
  • The Bulletin is presented in the scientific electronic library – NEB) — the lead implementation of the project to create the Russian science citation index (RSCI).
  • The web site of the Bulletin https://e-pubmed.org
  • E-mail: publish@e-pubmed.org

13.00.01 General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
13.00.02 Theory and methodology of education and upbringing (by regions and levels of education))
13.00.03 Correctional pedagogy (principles of accounting and management skills, oligophrenopedagogy and speech therapy))
13.00.04 Theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, health and adaptive physical culture
13.00.05 Theory, methodology and organization of socio-cultural activities
13.00.08 Theory and methodology of professional education
19.00.01 General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology
19.00.02 Psychophysiology
19.00.03 labor Psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics
19.00.04 Medical psychology
19.00.05 Social psychology
19.00.06 Legal psychology
19.00.07 Pedagogical psychology
19.00.10 special psychology
19.00.12 Political psychology
19.00.13 Psychology of development, acmeology
03.03.01 Physiology
03.03.02 Anthropology
03.03.03 Immunology
03.03.04 Cell biology, cytology, histology
03.03.05 Development biology, embryology
03.03.06 Neurobiology







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Миссия Вестника: интегрировать результаты научных работ русско-говорящих ученых и богатый опыт отечественных специалистов в международное научное пространство, быть международной научной площадкой врачей и ученых для дискуссий и обмена опытом.

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